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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 'PDF' Sewing Pattern?

PDF Sewing Patterns are digital files which can be downloaded and printed at home. They are designed specially to be printed on A4 paper. Larger pattern pieces will have joining points where the maker needs to tape two or more pieces together.

The standard file type is an Adobe PDF. Adobe supplies a free reader to be able to read and print PDF files. Available here. The reader is available on all major operating system both desktop and mobile.

The main advantages to buying a PDF pattern are:

Availability - PDF patterns are delivered digitally once checkout has been completed. This can be automatically once complete or you may be given a link where you can download your product. You can purchase your pattern direct from this website or through Craftsy. Once you have completed checkout you are giving a link immediately to download your pattern. You can also re download your pattern in future by logging in to your account.

Accessibility - PDF patterns can be read on a variety of devices including phones and tablets. Which means they can always be at hand. PDF readers also allow you to zoom in and out which can make a big difference for anyone with eyesight difficulties.

Affordability - Designers can keep the costs down of their patterns as they do not have to invest in large printing runs. They still invest the same amount of time in creating and supporting a pattern release and some designers do sell a physical product seperately as well.

What do I get with my PDF pattern?

Our patterns are all digital PDF patterns. Some patterns are one simple PDF but larger patterns are two PDF's in a zip file. To open the zip file right click on it and select either 'extract' or 'open' the files will then appear and you can save them to your PC.

The patterns are clear and all printable on A4 paper. The print option 'actual size' or at 100% should be selected not 'fit to page'. Some pattern pieces are too big to fit on one sheet and they are clearly marked where the paper pieces need to be joined to make the full pattern piece. Included are clear informative instructions with lots of photographs to guide you through the process.

There are also suggestions to help you make your project individual to your taste and requirements.

Where can I buy PDF Sewing Patterns?

There are lots of indie designers and mainstream pattern houses which now sell digital products. If you search on google for PDF Sewing Patterns you will hopefully see a list of indie designer websites which you can browse. We sell ours through this wesite and on Etsy along with lots of other designers. You can search the patterns available on this link. We like the Etsy platform because it keeps all your patterns together and you can read reviews and see other makers projects. Etsy sell a huge variety of handcrafted goods, but they also sell tools and supplies for making handcrafted goods and that is where PDF Sewing Patterns come in. Etsy is also useful if you are thinking of selling items you have made.

Can I get PDF Sewing Patterns for free?

Yes! There are lots of free PDF sewing patterns to be found online. A good place to start is Pinterest. There are lots of posts on Pinterest to showcase free patterns and many blog posts of 'round ups' where someone has collated a list of their favourite free PDF Patterns.

How do I print a PDF Sewing Patterns?

When you have downloaded your pattern before you print it off make sure it is going to be printed at 100%. You can choose to just print off the actual pattern and read the instructions from the screen or print it all off. To do this select the pages you want in the print menu on your device. Once you have printed your pattern off you will need to join some of the pieces together these are clearly marked.

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